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Merging Technologies have made the worlds best sounding analogue conversion even better!

Utilizing ZMAN DSP technology and two ethernet ports for switch capability among other amazing features, the Hapi MkII is the perfect audio interface for your DAW.

PSI Audio flagship 3-way redefined!

The ground-breaking new PSI Audio A25-M is shipping! Utilizing the revolutionary midrange driver technology, EXD (Extended Dome).

This stunning new technology, combined with the 'Flow Guide' bass port maximises the port efficiency, avoiding internal resonance taking the A25-M to a staggeringly high SPL level of 122dB and bass down to 28Hz.

Trinnov Audio
La Remote

Take control of your Trinnov with the new La Remote and operate your monitoring with ease!

With the ability to select parameters in an instant, including your speaker sets, bass management, source selection and every single function of your Trinnov optimiser at your fingertips.

Trinnov La Remote

Anubis SPS

Anubis SPS brings the same excellent quality as the Anubis but with even more features to configure your workflow and max out your studio! Now with switch capability, ST2022-7 compliance and NMOS support.

With the addition of a second RJ45 connection, the Anubis SPS is capable of acting as a switch. Yes a switch! This fantastic new feature means you can go straight from a laptop, to Anubis SPS, to a Horus and leave the switch at home!

Trinnov Audio - Why Room Correction?

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