Trinnov Audio La Remote

Take control of your Trinnov with the new La Remote and operate your monitoring with ease!

With the ability to select parameters in an instant, including your speaker sets, bass management, source selection and every single function of your Trinnov optimiser at your fingertips.


£967.20 - (£806.00 ex VAT)

Available on back-order


Product Description

From the simplest stereo setup to the most complex multichannel facility,  the Trinnov Audio La Remote will adapt itself flawlessly.

Trinnov gives you the ability to label and configure all of La Remote’s function buttons. You can easily customize it to suit your workflow and to make this monitor controller yours.

Simply plug the remote in via USB to your Trinnov machine and you’ll be up and running in no time with our easy to use drag and drop interface.

The La Remote was designed to work with the D-Mon, MC Pro and ST2, making your life easier and putting you in control.

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Find out more about the La Remote on the Trinnov Audio official website here!



  • Configurable display (current status, volume, button functions & layers…)
  • Preset / profile / snapshot recall
  • Speaker set / sources recall (D-Mon)
  • Per speaker solo / mute grid
  • Built-in talk back microphone
  • Compatible with ST2-Pro, D-Mon and MC Processors
  • Custom-made volume encoder for smooth and precise control
  • Headphone volume (D-Mon)
  • Multiple layers of 8 backlit user assignable buttons, with visual feedback
  • Dim screen and button backlights
  • Standard USB Type B connection (self-powered device)
  • One select rotary knob for specific controls
  • Automatic firmware update
  • Network setup mode to adjust / retrieve Trinnov unit IP address without external screen & keyboard
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