Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro

The Trinnov ST2-Pro is Trinnov Audio’s professional audio dedicated stereo processor providing 4 simultaneous processing channels.

Ideal for TV, music, mastering studios and post-production mixing rooms, the ST2-Pro is the ultimate monitoring solution for any professional stereo applications.

“Yes I do! The biggest trick up my sleeve is the Trinnov. It’s a room correction unit and it’s a complete game changer. It’s just incredible.” – Mark Knight, Toolroom Records

“It’s F***ing Brilliant!” – Ryan J Laubscher,


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Product Description

The Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro is based on hardware specifically designed for audio professionals. The silent 2U chassis features rear panel  XLR connectors, and special attention has been given to the AD/DA converters, designed by Trinnov to meet the requirements of the most demanding sound engineers. In fact, the whole chassis and electronics have been redesigned, both outside and inside: the new Trinnov audio interfaces, the “AES4” and the “ADA4”, are connected to the new Trinnov Core, a high performance digital audio engine.

What is Room Correction and Speaker Optimisation?

The acoustics of a room affects the sound that you hear coming from your speakers which in turn affects the way you manipulate your mix.  Traditional methods of acoustic treatment will help to control this but there are still artefacts that cannot be corrected by acoustics alone. Trinnov Audio have developed a range of stereo and surround optimisers using the latest DSP real time processing that will improve the accuracy of your room through your speaker system.

The Optimizer® is installed in the monitoring signal path just before the amp. Measurements are made with the unique 3D microphone and sound impulses are generated by the Optimizer® and processed.

Once measurements are made, the Optimizer® only takes a few seconds to compute the automatic compensation, no matter how complex the system layout is.

Far from the old-fashioned real-time analysis and 1/3rd octave correction methods, the Optimizer® uses a smart combination of modern techniques to generate complex sets of digital filters and achieve the best loudspeaker/room compensation possible. While the room and the loudspeakers need to be analysed and eventually treated separately by most technologies on the market, the Optimizer® considers and addresses every aspect of the reproduction system in its acoustic environment at the same time. Problems are identified, cross-analysed and compensated with the most efficient and best-sounding compromise.

Correction of Early Reflections (Direct Field):

The Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro Optimizer® analyses the measurements in the time-frequency domain to identify early reflections, depending on their amplitude, frequency, direction and arrival time.  After this process, each loudspeaker’s response is “clean” from early reflections.

Correction of the Room Energy

In this second stage the Optimizer® analyses the measurements in the frequency domain only (the response of the system in steady state).

  • Compensation of Resonance Modes (in the low range): the Optimizer® identifies resonance modes in the range where they can be clearly differentiated, roughly up to 300 Hz. It applies individual filters to compensate each resonance mode.
  • Smoothing of the reverberation (in the mid and high range): The Optimizer® analyses the room’s frequency response, related to the coloration of the room’s reverberation. Another filter is applied to smoothly compensate for this coloration.
  • 4 Balanced analogue inputs via 4 XLR connectors
  • 4 Balanced analogue outputs via 4 XLR connectors
  • 4 Digital inputs (2 AES3 inputs) via 2 XLR connectors
  • 4 Digital outputs (2 AES3 outputs) via 2 XLR connectors
  • Word clock in & out via 2 BNC connectors
  • 4 processing channels
  • 64-bit floating point processing
  • User interface through VGA output and mouse, or from a VNC client (PC or Mac) through the network
  • GPIO option (SubD-25 connector)
  • Volume knob option (USB)
  • Integrated power supply
  • Silent, low-speed fan
  • 2U 19″ rackmount
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 444 x 88,5 x 357 mm

Trinnov’s unique software modules, the Processor, the Optimizer and the SmartMeter (optional) can run simultaneously in the ST2-Pro:

  • The Processor manages the core loudspeaker processing functionality, such as routing, delays, gains, crossovers and manual EQs (graphic and parametric).
  • The Optimizer module offers unique room EQ features with Multi-point Measurements, Target Curves and Automatic Phase Optimization.
  • The Smart Meter is a fully featured Multi-Meter (Loudness, Peak and Quasi-Peak) and Monitor Controller

The ST2-Pro can be controlled via a touch-screen, via a monitor + mouse, from any computer (PC or Mac) via a VNC client, through the network, or via the optional GPIO interface.



  • 4 channel input via 4 XLR (20kΩ)
  • 4 channel output via 4 XLR (100 Ω)


  • 4 channel input via 2 XLR (110 Ω)
  • 4 channel output via 2 XLR (110 Ω)
  • WORD CLOCK: 1 in / 1 out (BNC)


  • 8 in / 4out GPIO REMOTE OPTION
  • Permits preset status & recall from any external devices equipped with GPIO commands (DB25 connector).


  • ADC Resolution / Sampling Rate: 24 Bits/96 Khz
  • DAC Resolution / Sampling Rate: 24 Bits/96Khz
  • A/D Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 119 Db (A-Weighted)
  • D/A Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 118 Db (A-Weighted)
  • Analog Input Impedance: Balanced: 20 Kohms
  • Reference Level: +18Dbu @ 0Dbfs (Balanced)
  • Clock / Jitter: (Jitter Attenuation > 50 Db Above 100Hz)


  • Dedicated linear power supply with a toroidal transformer on the analog audio circuit
  • Dedicated PSU / switch-mode power supply on the digital audio circuit
  • Power supply: 240V AC / 50-60 Hz. Option: 130V AC
  • Consumption: 90 W max.Weight: ∼14.5kg Chassis: 2U
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