PSI Audio A25-M Red

The pinnacle of current PSI Audio system development, the PSI Audio A25-M main / mid-field reference monitor features a staggering precision of +/- 1.5 dB tolerance between 38 Hz and 20 KHz  The tweeter unit is handcrafted in-house in order to ensure performance and accuracy. These highly optimised features make the PSI Audio A25-M unique. A true reference speaker for stereo and surround sound applications where ultimate precision is required.

Designed to work in harmony with the full range of A series monitors the PSI A25-M also makes ideal front speakers in a surround sound setup or can be developed in to a more powerful system by adding a pair PSI A225-M sub – thus providing an upgrade path and protecting your investment.

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£5,695.20 - (£4,746.00 ex VAT)


Product Description

The brand new 2021 release of the PSI Audio A25-M boasts an entirely new midrange driver.

The Extended Dome Driver (EXD) combines dome and cone constructions, effectively offering the best of both worlds in the process. The new driver system is still mounted to a rotatable baffle to enable vertical or horizontal speaker placement at optimum dispersion. Combined with proprietary PSI Audio technologies like the Class G/H amplifiers, CPR, AOI and ALG, the EXD in the all-analogue A25-M achieves the most precise sound reproduction possible.

EXD (Extended Dome)

For this major revolution of the A25-M, PSI Audio developed a brand new and innovative midrange driver, starting from scratch and defying the rules by building a dome and a driver in one.

Our Extended Dome Driver (EXD) keeps the advantages of both construction types while eliminating the disadvantages. When applied to the midrange, dome drivers tend to become unstable or too heavy due to the rigidity of the material being used. As a result, they can only ever offer a very limited bandwidth in the low end. Cone drivers, on the other hand, carry a large weight in their composition, limiting SPL and causing distortion.

EXD Dome Driver

PSI Audio’s EXD midrange driver developed for the A25-M combines a 4-inch, latex-and-graphite-infused paper cone membrane with a light polypropylene dome, where both are directly connected to the voice coil. With the dimensions and weight ratio of coil and membranes optimised in this way, our EXD offers higher SPL at lower distortion, pushing the new A25-M even closer towards perfect accuracy. Additionally, the new driver is built directly onto the rotatable baffle with no basket at all.

The new A25-M (2021) delivers an incredible 122dB max SPL per pair and reaches as low as 28Hz.

  • Tweeter unit hand made by PSI Audio.
  • Rotation of mid-range section for horizontal use.
  • Compatible with industry standard mouting systems.
  • Protection circuits with overload indicator.
  • Magnetically shielded for use close to video monitors.
  • Designed for stereo and multichannel monitoring
  • Optimised directivity by phase coherency.
  • Flat frequency response
  • Real balanced input.
  • Class G low temperature amplifier stage.
  • Amplifier unit acoustically uncoupled from speaker cabinetv

Dimensions cabinet W x H x D mm 320 x 590 x 380
Gross/Net Weight 30.6/26.9 kg
Response at -6dB 32 – 23000Hz
Continuous Max SPL, 1m 110 dB (single)
Program Max SPL, 1m 122dB (pair)
Woofer’s dim. Ext. /Diaphragm Ø 258 mm / Ø 210 mm
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