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Chicago Symphony Orchestra Invest In Horus

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Grammy®-winning independent record label, CSO Resound, has recorded with Pyramix for many years, so there was obvious interest in Horus when it was announced. The original Pyramix decision was based on sonic quality and the superior editing and mixing tools available in comparison with other DAWs on the market. The fact that Horus offered another level of improvement and also combined superb mic preamps and converters in the single unit allowed a simplification of the signal path.


Pyramix 8.1

Merging Technologies latest software release… Pyramix 8.1 brings a raft of new recording features to the acclaimed Pyramix Digital Audio Workstation. Pyramix 8.1 supports sample rates up to DSD256.


Merging Technologies Horus Records DSD256

The world’s highest resolution audio recording has been captured using Merging Technologies Horus. Using staggering 11.2MHz Direct Stream Digital or DSD 256, which is 256 times more than the temporal resolution of compact discs.