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‘Merging will show a new AD and DA combination board that will instantly double the quantity of analogue I/O available on the units.’

The sensational launch of the latest in Merging’s Networked Audio range of interfaces has proven that the family of products was just what the market was looking for. Hapi has been shipping in increasing numbers over the last few weeks. In a step to significantly enhance the practicality of both Hapi and Horus, on stand # 8.E96, Merging will show a new AD and DA combination board that will instantly double the quantity of analogue I/O available on the units. A staggering 48 in/48 out on Horus makes it the ideal stagebox for many applications. For Hapi, this allows a number of exciting possibilities. 16 in/16 out or 8 in/8 out with MADI are likely to be big sellers. Despite the extra component density, the performance of the ADA8 AD and DA option card is virtually identical to the AD8 and DA8 components that are still in the range and can be “mix and matched” to form a huge range of I/O combinations.


AX32’s capture Jose van Dam & You

AX32 converters capture José van Dam & YOU concert

AX32 converters captured the detailed audio nuances during a large-scale recording of a recent concert with José van Dam & YOU in Brussels. The recording was made at the city’s largest cultural venue, the Palais des Beaux-Arts, for the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. Other performers included the National Orchestra of Belgium and soloists. The concert was streamed directly over the web using low-latency uncompressed audio-over-Ethernet networking.



More than 100 of the new Hapi interfaces from Merging technologies, which only started shipping last month, have been ordered already. Investing in an audio converter is usually a big decision that requires exhaustive listening tests but as Hapi uses the same AD8D/P and DA8/P option cards as Horus, customers have been happy to place orders without any audition.


Ovation for LA GALAXY

Soccer might not be the most popular game in the USA although it has had a major boost from the latest World Cup. Undoubtedly the involvement of David Beckham with the LA Galaxy team made it the most well known team internationally. Their home venue is California’s StubHub Center, which is way more than just a football stadium.