Trinnov Audio D-Mon

Trinnov Audio’s D-Mon series is a new range of Digital Integrated Monitoring Processors, with the acclaimed Optimizer® room correction and monitor controller in one. 

The D-Mon features the Trinnov Optimizer® at its core, exactly the same as the ST2 Pro and MC models providing the user with the ability to have perfectly tuned speakers sets for the room and an astonishingly accurate listening environment, allowing for faster workflow and higher quality results. Hearing is believing!


From £7,842.00


Product Description

The Trinnov Audio D-Mon is designed not only to replace the AVID X-Mon, but to also interface with any DAW studio and act as a console centre section. Offering the user a number of features alongside the Optimizer® with room correction at its core; speaker switching, routing, summing, assigning inputs to cue, stem mixes, sends for fold back, listen and talk back feeds. The D-Mon is a complete monitoring solution for the modern studio and then some! 

As part of Avid’s 3rd party program, the D-Mon® Series has been developed to meet the Eucon protocol specifications to provide Avid Pro Tools users with a comprehensive alternative to the X-Mon analogue processor for the S6, S5, S3 control surfaces and is also backwards compatible supporting Icon, D-Control and D-Command.

The Trinnov Audio D-Mon Series is specifically designed to combine power, fast-and-easy usage and flexibility: 

Setting up an appropriate and comprehensive monitoring system is more than just selecting the right pair of loudspeakers. The studio owner knows that the acoustics, the console, the constantly changing needs of his customers, and the even more challenging evolution of technologies and working methods makes the complex decision to decide on the right investment. 

Thanks to the power of the best room correction in the world, the Trinnov D-Mon Series is not only a future proof system as is stands but will remain able to welcome any new loudspeakers or transducer technologies, whether they are analogue or digital, and ensure that the best of their specifications translate perfectly in an existing mix room. 

The D-Mon Series includes the latest in audio over-IP technologies with an add on option for Ravenna AES67 support for additional inputs through its onboard RJ45 connector. Future software, processing and firmware developments will be easily and painlessly implemented from customer feedback as well as Trinnov Audio’s constant research for a better audio-professional experience. 

The D-Mon Series is highly adaptable and open to more control protocols thanks to its remote D-Mon Control Panel that can accommodate legacy formats (like Midi) as well as emerging formats such as (OCA or EmBer+) and work with virtually any kind of recording/production/post software and consoles.


  • Several layers of 31 bands Graphic EQ, FIR EQ, gains, polarity and delays available for every channel
  • Total delay given in meters/milliseconds/frames for the listening point and adjustable global delay for accurate Lip Sync; Front / Surround / Top balance


  • Source Selection: 4 Cues/TB/LB, 6 Cues/TB/LB, 8 Cues/TB/LB, 8 Cues/TB/LB
  • Monitor Selection: upon programmable presets & profiles
  • Switching Matrix: any physical input, mix bus or Optimizer® output to any physical output
  • Summing Matrix: (Mono/ST) 12 in / 8 bus, 12 in / 12 bus, 18 in / 16 bus, 18 in / 16 bus


    ADC Resolution/Sampling Rate: 24 Bits/96 Khz
  • DAC Resolution/Sampling Rate: 24 Bits/96Khz
  • A/D Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 119 Db (A-Weighted)
  • D/A Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 118 Db (A-Weighted)
  • Analog Input Impedance: Balanced: 20 Kohms
  • Reference Level: +18Dbu @ 0Dbfs (Balanced)
  • Clock/Jitter: (Jitter Attenuation > 50 Db Above 100Hz)


  • Dedicated linear power supply with a toroidal transformer on the analog audio circuit
  • Dedicated PSU/switch-mode power supply on the digital audio circuit
  • Power supply: 240V AC / 50-60 Hz. Option: 130V AC
  • Consumption: 90 W max.Weight: ∼14.5kg Chassis: 2U


    16 Digital IOs (AES), to provide for the most complex sound mixes but also multiple aux sends, sub-groups or even stems.
  • A switchable 8-channel Digital Insert to hook up an external processing and make instant A/B comparisons or the mastering final cut
  • 8 Analog Inputs able to be assigned as a Cue, the Talk-back or just used as external sources to be converted to digital for whatever reason
  • 16 Analog Outputs offer all possibilities to address multiple sets of loudspeakers, headphones and outboard gears, all at the same time
  • 24 in 8 out (unoptimised) Ravenna Audio over IP, using the built-in ethernet port

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