PSI Audio A23-M White

With the A23-M, you are prepared for everything. Hear the sound that has earned PSI Audio the respect of sound professionals all around the world. Building on the renowned A25-M, PSI Audio has created a more compact A23-M that retains the outstandingly accurate, mastering-grade audio reproduction. Assess the entire frequency range effortlessly even without a subwoofer – although you can opt to enhance the A23-M with an A225-M, of course. Whatever story you need to tell, the A23-M helps you along the way – and once you have heard it, you certainly will not go back.

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£4,054.80 - (£3,379.00 ex VAT)


Product Description

The PSI Audio A23-M features fully analogue technology, and as always you get all the much-loved PSI technologies including tri-powered amps, AOI and CPR along with the innovative Acoustic Load Guide (ALG). ALG has been meticulously crafted to optimise directivity as well as maximising sound pressure level and extending bandwidth in the tweeter.

The PSI Audio A23-M White is the perfect companion to fill the gap between near-field and midfield speakers and allows for a more accessible integration in studio environments due to the more compact three-way design. Yet, it still stands impressively strong as a full-range monitor, producing an exceptional stereo image that even the most distinguished audiophile will love.

“Swiss speaker gurus PSI Audio have never failed to impress us with their technical innovations, and their latest model is no exception!
The natural details of female voices and higher‑pitched acoustic instruments, if they have survived the tracking and mixing processes, are reproduced spectacularly. And if they haven’t survived the tracking and mixing processes, the problems are obviously revealed.

Phil Ward, Sound on Sound UK

The combination of AOI along with other PSI Audio technologies like Compensated Phase Response, means that the outcome is utterly exceptional sonic performance. All PSI Audio speakers use AOI and deliver absolute clarity and precision, with all the frequencies in their right places and all the transients fully intact. Impeccably natural audio, as it should be.

  • 100% Analogue – No DSP
  • Flat frequency response
  • Perfect stereo image
  • Handmade midrange driver and tweeter
  • Tweeter mid-unit can be swivelled 90°
  • Class G/H Amplifiers
  • Individually calibrated
  • 5 + 1 years warranty
  • Handmade in Switzerland
Dimensions cabinet W x H x D mm 280 x 500 x 340
Gross/Net Weight 18.0/20.2 kg
Response at -6dB 34 – 23000Hz
Continuous Max SPL, 1m 109 dB (single)
Program Max SPL, 1m 120dB (pair)
Woofer’s dim. Ext. /Diaphragm Ø 210 mm / Ø 170 mm
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