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Product Description

Ovation 9 is the Media Server and Sequencer from Merging Technologies. Originally developed for theme park use, Ovation has evolved to be the leading solution for many applications in AV. It has also been used extensively as a playout solution for live-to-air broadcast. Since its introduction, the ability to handle many tracks of audio and route to many outputs, has made it the perfect tool for immersive audio. It is further enhanced by interfacing intelligently with industry standard 3D audio renderers, show control and video servers for the ultimate customer experience.

Ovation 9 comes in three packs: Elements, Pro and Premium, each one designed to fit a variety of needs and each pack can either be purchased with a dongle license or cloud license.


The Masscore bolt-on enables you to supercharge your Ovation no matter which pack you have. MassCore Engine bolt-on offers true potential, when latency and stability starts to count… MassCore is the answer. Turn your whole PC into a real-time audio engine of its own and harness the power of near zero latency, native engine connectivity to Ravenna and AES67 AoIP technology and 768 simultaneous discreet I/O.

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  • Software Playback Channels: 48
  • Maximum Bus Size: 22.2
  • DSD/DXD Playback Channels: 8
  • Hotkey Cuelist: Unlimited
  • Normal Cuelist: Unlimited
  • Custom Cuelist: Unlimited
  • Timed Cuelist: Unlimited
  • Cue Recording
  • MIDI Commands
  • Any Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone (Integrated Web Server)
  • TimeCode Reader and Generator
  • OSC
  • GPI and GPI/O
  • IP and COM (Serial)
  • HUI
  • Mixer Automation
  • OSC Automation
  • Ambisonic Encoding, Decoding, Mixing and Playout
  • Next Generation Audio Mixing and Rendering (Objects – Beds – Ambisonic)
  • Ovation Redundancy
  • Pyramix Editing
  • Bundled Pyramix: Elements

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Follow this link, fill in the form and you will then be sent a temporary download link. This will be an Ovation Premium trial and will last for 30 days.

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