Merging Anubis SPS

Anubis SPS brings the same excellent quality as the Anubis but with even more features to configure your workflow and max out your studio! Now with switch capability, ST2022-7 compliance and NMOS support.

With the addition of a second RJ45 connection, the Anubis SPS is capable of acting as a switch. Yes a switch! This fantastic new feature means you can go straight from a laptop, to Anubis SPS, to a Horus and leave the switch at home! All you need to do is connect the second port to your stagebox rather than as a redundant path.

ST2022-7 is an amazing feature that allows full redundancy for Anubis SPS. With the addition of the second RJ45 port, ST2022-7 sends two data streams into port 1 and port 2. If any data is lost in one stream then it is reconstructed from the other stream, simple and effective!

NMOS IS-04/05 allows interoperability between different manufacturers’ devices, a major step forward for easier integration into a complete IP infrastructure!

Emerging Technologies

Product Description

Anubis SPS is a ground-breaking new audio interface that unites the Swiss expertise of Merging Technologies in analogue and digital with networked audio and DSP technology. More significantly, the Anubis SPS offers a unique combination of features to any engineer or musician looking for a compact AD/DA unit that delivers immense quality, and a fully featured monitor controller that seamlessly integrates with any DAW.

Check out Hugh Robjohn’s review of the Anubis on Sound on Sound by clicking here!

Modular by Software

‘Modular by Software’ is a brand-new concept in which the same hardware can be used for a diverse number of workflows. Whether you’re managing multichannel monitoring in the control or recording yourself in the studio, the Anubis SPS can fully adapt between workflows, adjusting the UI and function seamlessly.

Monitor Mission

The Monitor Mission is your essential DAW I/O with superb analogue and digital source selection, control of multiple speaker sets and headphones with built in talkback, bass management and speaker time alignment plus a host of other features that are essential to controlling your recording and mixing environment.

Merging Quality

The ultra-mobile, stylish unibody case offers astonishing A/D performance with a dynamic range of 139dB and equally impressive mic preamps. Out pristine D/A technology ensures that you hear what your project deserves!

Exceptional Mechanics

Anubis SPS is not just a piece of bent metal with a few dials on it. It may be a small desktop unit, but it is beautifully crafted some a single piece of aluminium. Inside is a miracle of production engineering under the guidance of masters of the miniature Sonosax.

Ultimate Sound Quality

Killer headphone circuit and phenomenal performance at any framerate. Merging has invested great efforts in creating their ultimate headphone preamplifier, offering the precision you need to evaluate your microphone no matter the sample rate.

Anubis SPS is engineered with state-of-the-art converter technology, coupled with 28 years of experience in designing outstanding reference quality. A 32-bit signal path from input to output via the mixer, combined with the latest circuit design and short audio signal path, decreases the latency and improves the power distribution.

Device Connectivity

The Anubis SPS interface has two remarkably high-quality mic/line XLR and TRS jack combo, with an additional two front line/instrument inputs. The outputs come with two gold pated XLR and two TRS jacks, allowing switching between two sets of speakers. Furthermore, there are two independent stereo headphones jacks, built with the finest quality amplification Merging have ever done. There is also MIDI I/O, GPIO and the all-important AES67/RAVENNA RJ45 ethernet connection, able to connect to Mac, PC, ASIO and Ravenna AES67 network.

Anubis + Monitor

The Monitor Mission is designed for professional applications where superior monitoring capabilities are critical. No matter how small your studio, monitoring matters. Ultra-modern features alongside unique and future proof capabilities have been merged to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Monitor for Everyone

The concept of software-based workflows allows for designing versatile and dedicated applications, upgradeable in time, and precisely targets the requirements of multiple markets. Extreme sound quality will satisfy the essential requirements of all mastering studios, numerous supported surround formats will please all film and TV post studio and AoIP support makes it the perfect choice for broadcast studios, OB vans and editing rooms, while its compact and robust design serves it as an ideal choice for location recording and live event monitoring.

  • ST2022-7 Compliant
  • NMOS Compliant
  • Second RJ45 Port for Switch Capability
  • Mastering grade AD/DA
  • Sampling rate up to 192kHz – Pro
  • Sampling rate up to 384kHz/DXD – Premium
  • DSD support up to DSD256 – Premium
  • Direct connection of DAW running Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Direct AES67/Ravenna source monitoring
  • Direct decoding of Ambisonic source
  • Scalable and Networkable
  • Bass management, speaker alignment, down-mix, talkback and a host of other modern monitoring features.
  • Four speaker outputs
  • Four analogue inputs
  • Up to four cue mix outputs with ultra-low latency
  • Two independent stereo headphone outputs
  • Extremely powerful and polished headphone amp, suitable for ultra-low – ultra-high impedance.
  • Comprehensive UI thanks to integrated multi-touch display
  • Dedicated buttons for Volume Control, Speaker Selection, Talkback and Mute with customisation support
  • Advanced UI accessible through tablet or web browser
  • Dedicated and configurable metering page for sources and monitors
  • Flexible talkback providing control with built-in or external microphones
  • Footswitch support
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