MassCore Bolt-on

The MassCore Engine bolt-on offers true potential, when latency and stability starts to count… MassCore is the answer. Turn your whole PC into a real-time audio engine of its own and harness the power of near zero latency, native engine connectivity to Ravenna and AES67 AoIP technology and 768 simultaneous discreet I/O.

Emerging Technologies

£1,696.80 - (£1,414.00 ex VAT)


Product Description

Pyramix MassCore is a bolt-on that can be added to any Pyramix version and will supercharge your workflow by overriding the track count limitations of your software pack. This will give you the following:

  • 384 channels of I/O at 48kHz (96 channels at 192kHz)
  • 64 channels of I/O in DSD/DXD
  • Bus sizes of 384 channels

At it’s very heart it is a truly real-time engine that does not rely on the Windows operating system for the core mix-engine processing, thereby avoiding all the inherent restrictions and latencies introduced by a general purpose operating system. Pyramix MassCore can be configured from just 16 to an astonishing 384 simultaneous live input and output channels (768 I/O) at 48kHz with a massive 384 channel mix-bus structure. Retaining an almost infinite number of real-time editing (virtual) tracks and with latencies far lower than any other Windows or Mac based system.

MassCore offers a level of power, sonic quality and flexibility that outperforms every other DAW on the market. The MassCore engine is as powerful and as capable as a large format standalone digital console. Fully automated with freely configurable mix, buss and monitoring structures. Most importantly, Pyramix retains all its real-time editing and processing capabilities.

  • Near zero latency
  • Maximum Hardware I/O Track count at 1FS: 128) on your Pyramix version
  • ‘Steal’ your CPU cores and direct that power straight to Pyramix
  • Up to 384 discreet Inputs and Outputs simultaneously
  • Ravenna & AES67 AoIP technology
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