James Ivey Trusts The V44S

James Ivey Trust The-V44s
James puts the V44S through its paces, recording a live quartet and drum session, presenting the quality of the Vanguard microphone. James states that “This microphone sounds absolutely awesome” and that “It looks stunning”. The Vanguard V44S is a stereo, large-diaphragm, multi-pattern FET condenser microphone. The V44S is crafted by experts and designed with the character of a classic stereo microphone, while utilising modern technologies to meet the demand of today’s recording professionals. With a pair of coincident twin custom-voiced multi-pattern capsules, you can utilise X/Y, Mid-Side, Blumlein, and other less conventional stereo microphone techniques in a single microphone. Find out more about the V44S here. James Ivey Trust The V44s